IYG 2012 - August 10: Call the police!

A week has already passed since this year’s IYG began. To spice up the program, the Police of the Czech Republic prepared a number of presentations of various types of police work. We saw specially trained dogs, a fight between a policeman and a car thief and even a helicopter. The participants could learn interesting self-defense techniques and could sit inside a specially equipped police car used for incognito highway operations (measuring of speed, looking for stolen vehicles).

After lunch, we visited the rope center and climbing tower once again, this time with an added bonus of being able to ride a 140m cableway above the camp. We finished the day with a barbeque and a disco.

Tomorrow, we’re heading to the country’s second largest city, Brno.

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  • Alexies Regier

    I have had both of my children on IYG’s. Being able to see what they are doing and where they are is a nice idea. The children look like they are having fun and are enjoying themselves.