IYG 2012 - August 16: A Bus-y Day

Our return to Prague was mostly just a long bus journey, but as always, we had something to do to make it a little less long – we stopped at Orlík Dam, the second largest dam in the Czech Republic by area and the largest by volume and a part of the Vltava Cascade, which is a series of dams that are able to prevent most floods in the area around the Vltava river.

We saw Zvíkov Castle from the outside and took a boat trip on the dam. After that, we got back in the bus and continued our journey to Prague.

In the evening, many more countries were introduced – Spain, Hong Kong, Latvia, Austria and Cyprus.

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    Hello from Ireland. Thank you from Ireland for organising a fantastic IYG. Great friendships have been made, lots of new experiences and a great way for all these young people to represent their countries. Regards. Irene