IYG 2012 - August 8: Jump!

The theme of the fifth day of this year’s IYG was “Sports”, because Baldovec – the place we are staying at now – is also a sports center. We split into three groups so everyone would have the opportunity to try three activities – archery, paintball and Tarzan’s jump. For most participants, the most interesting experience was the jump – we had to climb an 18m rope ladder up a tree and then – we had to jump down, obviously kept completely safe by ropes and experienced instructors. In the afternoon, we could also try the local rope center and a climbing wall.

We ended the day sitting and chatting around a campfire, eating sausages and bread.

5 komentářů IYG 2012 – August 8: Jump!

  • Denis Chan

    I don’t write the language so I have to guess what to put down and hope this message could get through.

    Anyway, I just wish to say that you boys and girls have a wonderful time and you all look great.

  • Alevtina Belousova

    Dear friends,
    Thank you for the excellent organization of IYG 2012. It’s wonderful that every day we have the opportunity to learn about events that may involve our children. Once again thank you for their happy and cheerful faces.

    IPA Russia

  • Eleni Pallari

    Great work everybody! Our children are really enjoying themselves. The daily update and posting of pictures is an excellent idea.

    Regards from Cyprus

  • Markéta

    Ahojky Vám všem,
    každodenně sledujíc Vaše aktivity mám potřebu Vám napsat, že by se Vám dalo upřímně závidět. Jsem si jista, že prožíváte nezapomenutelné okamžiky a dost možná i drobná dobrodrudružství, které tato akce bezesporu přináší. Nicméně bych Vám všem instruktorům chtěla poděkovat za Vaši úžasnou disciplínu a Vaše nadlidské nasazení. Držte se, dostatečně odpočívejte, neboť máte před sebou ještě pár dnů and…enjoy every single moment as much as possible.

  • dear ipa friends, greeting from pakistan. thank you for the excellent organization of iyg 2012. the daily update and posting of pictures is different an excellent idia i am sure my child is safe and secure. best regards