IYG 2012 - August 9: Refrigerator

Today, we visited one of the most famous sights in the Czech Republic – the Lednice chateau. The word Lednice in Czech means “Refrigerator”, which is strange, because South Moravia, where the chateau is located, is one of the warmest areas in the Czech Republic and is also very famous for producing wine. In the Lednice-Valtice area you can (apart from the chateau) also see a Turkish-style tower, many smaller chateaux, lakes, ponds and animals – and nature is the main reason why the park is listed as a UNESCO site.

After lunch, we visited the South Moravian city of Mikulov with a Synagogue, Jewish neighborhood and the city center.

We returned tired but full of new experiences, and in the evening a few more countries were introduced by the participants.

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